Problem Animal and Pest Control

JoAnne FloresWildlife, Insects, and Rodents carry diseases, inflict painful bites, and do structural damage to homes.

We take a balanced, environmentally conscientious approach to problem animal and pest control. When it is necessary to use insecticides to control pests, our first choices are “Minimum-risk” and “Reduced-risk” pesticides.



Kitten    Owl

We never use rodenticides in ridding a home of mice or rats. Rodents can be successfully eradicated from a home without the use of chemicals. Rodenticides kill pets and wildlife. Dogs, cats, and many species of wildlife consume the poisoned rodents. They become poisoned, suffer and die, too.

We safely, and humanely remove insects, mice, rats, bats, squirrels, raccoons, and skunks from your home and property. We are not exterminators.

We have founded our business on honesty, integrity, and an extensive knowledge of wildlife.